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The following link from John’s Hopkins University provides a comparison of the similarities and differences between COVID19 and the seasonal Flu.
We are providing this information dispel some misconceptions regarding the differences between COVID19 and ‘flu’. Current mortality rates for COVID are approximately 3% in the US and 4% worldwide versus 0.1% for the seasonal Flu both in the US and worldwide, with COVID mortality rates having a higher rate in older persons and those with diabetes, heart and lung problems. In addition, unlike seasonal flu, COVID19 virus can be transmitted through the lingering in the air of virus particles, even for a time after the infected person has left.

The pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation making it difficult to keep up with the latest information to make the best informed decisions. The Wellness Ministry is scanning reputable sites, such as John’s Hopkins University, CDC, WHO and others, to help sort out fact from fiction. We encourage you to monitor the world around you and the evolving information.

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