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We are a Reconciling in Christ Church

In February 2016 Trinity Lutheran Church declared itself to be a Reconciling in Christ church

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YOU’RE tired of religion that judges and excludes. You wonder if following Jesus makes a positive difference not only for eternity but for the challenges confronting you (and the world) because your heart breaks for the suffering you see and you want to do something about it.


We are a faith community that understands what keeps us together isn’t our politics, skin color, race, sexual orientation or anything else. WE’RE HELD TOGETHER BY THE SHARED BELIEF THAT JESUS IS LORD.


THE TRUE Triune God is love and the source of life and God loves everyone and wants everyone AND EVERYTHING to live and God is gracious, generous, merciful and gracious (yeah. really gracious)


There aren’t many of us but the staff we have is passionate about building a faith community that is life-giving. We try to create space for the Holy Spirit to work – so that means sometimes things go really well and sometimes things don’t go as planned and the result is so amazing we know it was the Holy Spirit’s doing.

Pastor Rebecca Laabs

Kirsten Carson – Church Administrator

lee anne

Lea Ann Taber – Preschool Head Teacher and Administrator

Want to worship with us?

We welcome ALL people to Trinity, and hope that you will join us for a 10:00 Sunday service. Coffee hour takes place before service in our “Gathering Space” just outside of the sanctuary. Come get to know us; enjoy the fellowship that is shared both prior to and during our worship service. Peace be with you!